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The Facilitator’s Greenhouse

A warm and safe space for facilitators to find community and inspiration to grow their skills to the next level. 

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Innovative Facilitation

NeverDoneBefore explores the edges of the art and craft of facilitation by challenging assumptions about what makes workshops work. 

Our facilitators take the risk of testing novel concepts and new ideas instead of pushing best practices and polished methods. 

Together, we learn while nobody teaches. Experience and reflection are our guides towards professional and personal growth.

A Curious

NeverDoneBefore brings together facilitators, trainers, coaches, team leaders from around the globe. 

We created a space where everyone shows up as they are and welcome new members as if they joined their digital family.

The buddy-matching process makes it easy to find peers with and from we continuously learn synchronously in workshops and asynchronously on our platform.

NeverDoneBefore has become an Incubator to some, others refer to it as their Research & Development department. Everyone is responsible of their growth journey.

NeverDoneBefore is

It is not a lean-back or a done-for-you programme. Everyone learns while nobody teaches. 

While others offer best practices, polished speeches and keynotes, at NDB we don’t talk over slides.  We dare to try, play with boundaries, assumptions and methods and set the trends together. 

If you are ready to stretch your comfort zone and push yourself to become better in your practice: Join us! 

Our Shared Agreements


We respect our shared purpose, our time, each other’s uniqueness, and ourselves.


We are willing to take risks, step playfully into the unknown, trusting that we cannot learn without failing.


We are generous with our knowledge, our energy and each other.

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One-time payment

One year with unlimited access to live workshops and asynchronous learning opportunities

€ 990

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Monthly Instalments

One year with unlimited access to live workshops and asynchronous learning opportunities

€ 90

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The Festival

Celebrating Facilitation

A 24-hours event on November 17, 2023

The most innovative 24 hours in the world of facilitation include 30 + workshops uniquely designed for this occasion. 

Facilitators from around the globe unite to learn from each other by sharing the unpolished, the raw, the playful and authentic. 

NDB is more than a conference, it’s a journey to personal and professional growth.

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Our Programme

Purchasing-Power Adjusted

NeverDoneBefore is an exclusive programme for a special breed of facilitators. A community composed of professionals, eager to lean into the unknown, taking risks and generously sharing their expertise.  

The community’s exclusivity shall not prevent expert facilitators who share the commitment and mindset from joining.

Therefore, we offer purchasing-power-adjusted membership fees to those who live in low-income countries. 

The next intake to the community is in September. Sign up for the
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Satisfaction guarantee

We believe in the value we deliver. Contact us to join a free taster workshop or, sign up, knowing that you can cancel your membership and get your money back without any questions asked (within 30 days for the yearly and 14 days for the monthly option).

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It is not a lean-back or a done-for-you programme. Everyone learns but nobody teaches. 

While others offer best practices, polished speeches and keynotes, at NDB we don’t talk over slides.  We dare to try, play with boundaries, assumptions and methods and set the trends together. 

With your Greenhouse Pass, you become a gardener as part of a global community. 

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Next intake to the

To facilitate the onboarding of new members to the community, you can join 4 times per year. The next cohort starts in December 2022.

In 2022, everything we do within the NDB community follows the theme “The Facilitators’ Greenhouse”.

The Greenhouse represents a warm and nurturing space for our members to grow their skillsets and toolsets. We experiment and collaborate to invent the next facilitation trends. 

The theme of 2023 will be the Facilitator’s Research & Development Department.

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What you get

A curated programme of exclusive NDB workshops that are contributed by workshops work podcast guests. 

Sandbox sessions, contributed by community members who want to test a new workshop idea before launching it to a client or their company. 

The NDB Buddy and Mentorship programme supports community members to grow confidence and competence to host their own ‘never done before’ workshop.

Community Programme

The Community Garden – a virtual space with 27/7 access for synchronous meet-ups and collaboration.

Weekly informal meet-ups in the Community Garden to discuss anything facilitation, business, life,  personal growth and leadership. 

Demo Sessions of new online collaboration tools.

Take a look
and see for yourself

Our Community Programme is getting in full swing. Take a look at our visual agenda on Mural to get a feel for what’s to come

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The 2022 Festival

The festival is NDB’s flagship event. we celebrate the high art of facilitation with a 24-hours, global, online Festival. The curated workshop programme offers the newest ideas and experiments of workshops work podcast guests. 

In live workshops, you get access to the un-explored and the experimental edges of facilitation. 

The magic of the NeverDoneBefore Festival happens in the liminal space, between workshops, between spaces, between time. 

Save the date: 18 November 2022

Check the Festival Line-Up

A new way of

The times when you have to work by yourself on a workshop design or proposal are over. 

At NDB you are no longer alone. The community generously shares – experience, information and knowledge. 

And, in our community garden we can do this independent of time and space, without making appointments. With a growing global community, you will always meet someone.  


NDB Curated Workshops


of our global community


members in our online community


in our co-working space

Words from our community

Aleksandra Potrykus-Majewska
Co-founder of WeWent

“In the last 9 months, I got to not only learn on a weekly basis from the podcast but also had a choice of 3 to 4 weekly offerings from workshops, open spaces, and discussions and a very active and responsive online community on Circle.

Here I could tap any time into the rich and extremely diverse knowledge and experience of the global community.”

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Julio Maria Muhorro
Power Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

“NeverDoneBefore is a dream come true! From amazing people to brand new tools and exquisite expertise.

Here I feel I can find it all, and if we can’t find it, we create it!


Matthew Bassett
Founder of Seshboard

“NeverDoneBefore isn’t just one of the best facilitator communities I’ve come across, but one of my favorite communities period.

There’s just something so special about having a friendly group of new and experienced facilitators coming together in the spirit of exploration, to try out brand new techniques and tools, explore new ideas, and learn from each others’ experiences in a deeply curious, open-minded and accepting way.”

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Frequently Asked

How and when can I join NeverDoneBefore?

To facilitate the onboarding of new members, you can join us 4 times per year: In September, January, April and July.

Members have to purchase a Pass to enter the community and can choose between a one-off payment and monthly instalments.

Those who live in a country with a weak currency can request a purchasing-power-based-price by filling in a form. 

Is the NDB Festival included in the membership?

Yes! The membership includes all workshops and online events, including the 24-hours Festival and its afterglow. 

Are all workshops recorded?

All curated NDB workshops are recorded and recordings are accessible to members as long as they remain part of the community. 

Do I have to be an expert facilitator to join?

Many of our members don’t call themselves ‘facilitator’.  The programme is self-guided and experiential in a way that we learn through participating and experiencing. 

To fully benefit from the community programme, you have to be grounded in your practice so that you can reflect on the experience on a “meta-level” (with your facilitation-hat on).

Do you have a programme for starting facilitators?

We no longer have a programme for starting facilitators and recommend anyone who wants to join to be grounded in their practice so that they have the foundation to stretch.

For what timezone are the NDB workshops planned?

Our workshop programme covers all timezones. Community-led workshops depend on the offers by community members.

NDB in action

NDB was born from the pandemic and grew into a global community that celebrates the art of facilitation.

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