Aleksandra Potrykus-Majewska
Co-founder of WeWent

“In the last 9 months, I got to not only learn on a weekly basis from the podcast but also had a choice of 3 to 4 weekly offerings from workshops, open spaces, and discussions and a very active and responsive online community on Circle.

Here I could tap any time into the rich and extremely diverse knowledge and experience of the global community.”

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Julio Maria Muhorro
Power Coach, Facilitator and Speaker

“NeverDoneBefore is a dream come true! From amazing people to brand new tools and exquisite expertise.

Here I feel I can find it all, and if we can’t find it, we create it!


Matthew Bassett
Founder of Seshboard

“NeverDoneBefore isn’t just one of the best facilitator communities I’ve come across, but one of my favorite communities period.

There’s just something so special about having a friendly group of new and experienced facilitators coming together in the spirit of exploration, to try out brand new techniques and tools, explore new ideas, and learn from each others’ experiences in a deeply curious, open-minded and accepting way.”

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Yona Lu
Organisation Development

Glad to share that today marks the completion of my 2021 NeverDoneBefore experience! It was an awesome journey of connecting with facilitators based around the world (Europe, Africa, Asia…) and soaking in their wisdom over the last several months.

I was gifted with the experience of collaborating with the learned Martin Frederik Garbers and Janine Kreienbrink to put up our own workshop “Using Archetypes to step into your Zone-of-Genius”. 

Manal Sayid
Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer.

I met facilitators from all over the world, learned from each and applied bits of the learning into my own practice. Each learning I did inspired me to be better and my thirst for knowledge was never quenched – the more I learned, the more I discovered the more there was!

Susanne Heiss
Facilitator for Change & Culture

I attended the 24 our NeverDoneBefore festival for facilitators. And when I say “attended the 24 hour festival”, I meant being at the festival for 22.5 hours. I sneaked out for 1.5 hours to get a tiny bit of sleep in between.

Crazy? Hell yes! Amazing? You bet! Insightful? I cannot tell you how much!I am still in awe of the space that we created. So much sharing, generosity and love, so much respect and risk, so much laughter and fun.

Chris Bent
Founder of Piccles

Myriam Hadnes had the crazy idea to make a festival for facilitators to do anything, as long as it had NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE

🎉An open invitation to try something new is a wonderful gift 🎁We learned about clowning 🤡 leadership 🤝 storytelling 📖 problem-solving 🕵️‍♂️ and dancing in front of strangers 💃Except, after just 24 hours, people didn’t feel like strangers.The workshops were challenging and at times uncomfortable, but this shared experience connected the global community 🌎🤪 So we could appreciate the weirdness in each other.

Grazia Maria Giordano
Grazia Maria Giordano
Business Designer

I’m so happy I’ve joined
the Greenhouse this year!!

The Community Myriam has built over the past few years, is simply amazing! So many people who are eager to share and participate!

I’m working hard on growing my facilitation skills and I learn many new things in every workshop.

Dr Myriam Hadnes



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