Press Pass

The entry level ticket
  • Access to all public spaces
  • Large group experiences/workshops
  • Recordings of all sessions (large & small)

Model Pass

The Intermediate level ticket
  • Same perks as Press Pass
  • Access to all workshops (first come first serve at the festival with parallel sessions on different shoe levels)
  • Access to conference dinners and party

Backstage Pass

The all access ticket
  • Same perks as Press & Model Pass
  • Access to debriefing session with facilitators after workshops
  • One 50 min coaching session with one facilitator & one mastermind session (to be booked in advanced)

Public spaces: Areas that will be open for synchronous and/ or asynchronous work and/or random/ spontaneous conversations with other festival guests. These spaces are creative and ad-hoc, they will emerge and evolve over the course of the 24 hours. For example, we will build a space that we call “never available before”, and create opportunities for festival buddies to connect and for inspiring conversations to flourish.

Large group experiences: Facilitated/ hosted (workshop) experiences for groups of up to over 100 participants – depending on attendance and the capacities of the platform.

Small group experiences: Facilitated/ (workshop) experiences for groups of up to 30 participants. Just like on a festival, places will be allocated according to a “first come, first serve” principle. We will make sure that we have at least 3 parallel sessions running – on different shoe levels, of course.


Conference dinner and party: Online dinners – depending on your time zone, that will surprise and delight you. Please note though that we will not provide the physical ingredients.

Session debriefing: Stay in the space after the workshop experience is over and debrief the session with the facilitator/ host and your group of Backstage Pass holders.

Coaching session: Book a 50 minutes, 1 :1 coaching session with one of our NDB facilitators (booked in advance).

Mastermind: Join a mastermind (peer coaching) session to find answers and inspiration from fellow backstage pass holders and facilitators (the mastermind sessions may take place after the festival – booked in advance).