Leadership Through Facilitation

The 7-week, 6-module live course that enables facilitators to find their inner power, lead with confidence and manage people effectively.

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It's time to

  • Wield your personal power with self-awareness and assuredness, instead of blending into the background.

  • Understand and manage human dynamics, whilst recognising potential triggers and keeping presence of mind. 

  • Embrace and exercise leadership in guiding groups towards a shared vision, even in high-pressure situations.
Trainer, facilitator, space-holder… do you find yourself…

  • Feeling nerves, discomfort and even anxiety when you are called to step into exercising leadership?

  • Wishing you could find your inner power and confidence without feeling domineering or inauthentic?

  • Wondering how you can competently create more empowering, collaborative and experimental environments for your clients?
Then welcome to leadership
as you’ve
never done before!
Start: Sept 17 – Oct 29, 2024
Duration: 7 weeks,  Tuesdays, 2 PM, CET
Cost  from € 1,980

Who is this course designed for?

Facilitators who want to grow into their leadership role, find presence and purpose in their practice, wield personal power with prowess – and guide groups towards a shared vision, through productive group dynamics.

As an efficient ‘space holder’, your newfound leadership confidence will increase participant engagement, without pulling you into over-enacting the content or becoming domineering.

To be considered a great facilitator is a true testament to one’s ability to lead.

Leadership and facilitation are two sides of the same coin – and a great leader/facilitator can…

  • Listen to others and truly hear their intentions
  • Empower individuals and teams to achieve outcomes
  • Create safe spaces for participants to be vulnerable
  • Hold an air of authority, without being domineering

Maybe you look at leaders in your life and wonder “how are they so natural?”… in Leadership Through Facilitation, we’ll show you how.


What can you expect from the training?

Over 21 hours of live professional training, taught via two 3-hour modules per week:

Our Intention

We believe facilitation is not just a skill — it’s a life and leadership tool that can amplify the impact of your work. 

Learning to be a facilitator is not about learning a bunch of techniques, exercises and activities.

Our tool-agnostic approach teaches you to enable the skills you already have, leverage them for maximum impact and build upon your current toolkit with confidence-building methods.

Learn in a group setting, get accountability & support – and gain access to some of the industry’s most esteemed experts.

Your six course modules

A faculty of six expert facilitators from all around the globe guide you through 6 modules:

(1) PURPOSE to align groups around a shared vision.

Effectively derive the workshop purpose in collaboration with your client to design meaningful and engaging group experiences.

(2) PRESENCE to find inner power through intuition.

Increase your self-awareness through mindfulness and emotional intelligence,  and create responsive facilitation environments.

(3) PEOPLE to manage group dynamics by understanding driving forces.

Explore group dynamics and how they impact participants, including how to avoid common group pitfalls.

(4) PROCESS to design successful collaborative processes.

Learn about designing techniques and processes that foster high levels of engagement, ensure inclusion and incorporate individuality.

(5) POWER turning power games into powerful collaboration.

Become aware of your own personal power, as well as how to navigate the complexities of power dynamics in your work.

(6) PLAY to instil a practice of experimentation, reflection and iteration. 

Build strong bonds and increase trust among team members through vulnerability, expression and innovation.

Leadership Through Facilitation



Basic Tier

1,980 EUR

Deep Dive

2,330 EUR

Full Immersion

2,780 EUR


Purchasing Power Adjusted Fee

We believe in equal opportunities.

If you are living in a country with a weaker currency, you can request a discount representing the purchasing power in your home country. We offer up to five seats at a discounted rate. Please fill in this form to request the discount code: 

Click here to fill in the request form.

The Course Faculty

The course is delivered by a team of six NeverDoneBefore facilitators from around the globe. Each module has been designed and will be hosted by at least two trainers, both esteemed experts in the field. 

Drawing from their extensive experience working with teams and guiding leaders, our faculty members bring a wealth of practical knowledge and insights to every session. 

All faculty members have been featured on the workshops work podcast.  


Frequently Asked Questions

The 7-week, 6-module live course is for facilitators who desire to become an effortless ‘space-holder’, increase participant engagement and establish themselves as a confident role model and facilitator for their clients.

If you desire to feel more competent in how you lead, to expand your business by raising your hand with confidence, or you simply want to create more motivation and participation in a group setting, this programme will enable you to do so.

We are a unique community of professionals who facilitate as part of our work. We prioritise learning in a group dynamic, as this is where most of us will work. We don’t advocate for heavy technique-based learning, instead, we teach you to find your signature and incorporate tools to suit your unique facilitation style.

Participants who purchase the “Deep Dive” get access to an additional weekly 90 minutes live session in which one of the trainers answers all questions that make come up regarding the course content and its application. 

The Q&A Session will take place on Thursdays at 2 PM, CET and will be recorded.

Participants who purchase the “Full Immersion” package get access to one 30 minutes coaching session with each of our five trainers. These sessions will be scheduled bilaterally between the trainer and the participant. Coaching sessions can be scheduled until 2 weeks after the end of the course. 

All calls are recorded. We release call times in advance in the hope that you can make yourself available to attend all calls and engage with other cohort members who will be your accountability and learning partners.

Simply check the start date works for you – and sign up for the level of support you desire!

Words from our Alumni

Molly Penn
President at Penn Creative Strategy

“This course was amazing! I felt so lucky to learn from 6 different brilliant professional facilitators and to see where they agreed and where they differed.

I gained access to loads of resources and tools to make me a better facilitator, and I got to practice all these new skills with an amazing cohort of fellow learners, who I look forward to remaining connected to in the years to come!”

mishe schemmann
Senior Creative Director, Storyteller, Facilitator

“I am still learning – it is not a one-and-done experience.

So many impulses and ideas to mix and match (2+2=5…000). I believe now more than ever that mastering facilitation is a core capability of leadership. I also realised how much more I have to learn and how much I love facilitation. Thanks for sharing your passion, your knowledge and your kindness towards all of us. Great course!”

Theodora Negrea
Collaboration Design at Mural | Remote Work Advocate | LXD & UX | INTJ

“The ‘Leadership through Facilitation’ course by NDB was THE learning experience of the year for me.

This program was different. It was (at times uncomfortably, but joyfully) experiential, reflective and non-compromising. We explored deep topics and got inspired by the practice of expert facilitators. 

Ultimately, I felt a deep inner shift within me, and I was able to discover with the help of the supportive cohort & faculty, a new side to my facilitator self. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who seeks to facilitate (make things easier for others).”

Are you one of us?

Join the global community and start designing,
growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.


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