The 2023 Testivál

Celebrating the Experimental Art of Facilitation

A 24-hours event on Midsummer Day: June 22 and 23, 2023

We host the unconventional.
We explore the edges. 
We celebrate the art and craft of facilitation! 
Join us as we gather with peers from around the globe.
We will share one space only so that every guest is only a click away. 

Our Programme

Your experience

  • 20 Workshops: A curated programme of NeverDoneBefore workshops
  • Experiences: Dance, play, create
  • Participation: We don’t talk over slides!
  • Connection: Immersion in a digital space as if you were in the physical together.

Midsummer Day: June 22 & 23

An event that allows you to continue the conversation after the workshop because the space isn’t closing.

An event that invites the imperfect, the honest and authentic, the unpolished diamonds.

An event that invites collaboration in the same screen.

🫶 An event that invites YOU!

The Testivál 2023 is exclusive to NDB members and their guests.

Our Guidelines

You become part of the event

All workshops follow the NeverDoneBefore guidelines

It is interactive and participatory. We acknowledge the unique opportunity of having a global group of facilitators in the same (online) space for a limited amount of time.

We maximise the opportunity to learn from everyone during that time.

At NDB, we learn without having a teacher.
At NeverDoneBefore, we don’t talk over slides!

We all share generously and some take the risk of contributing a neverdonebefore idea or method, trusting that we have their back. And, we do. 

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