NDB 2021

In 2021, we followed the theme “Facilitators in digital Residence” with the goal of inventing the next facilitation trends.

The Community

Almost 200 facilitators, coaches, trainers, team leaders, designers and design thinkers, educators and founders from more than 35 countries collaborated synchronously in more than 1,000 workshop-hours and asynchronously via the digital community platform. 

The Festival

he 24-hours NDB Festival celebrates the art of facilitation through workshops that are uniquely designed for this occasion. Founders of online collaboration tools invite us behind the scenes to explore new ways of using their products. And, community members – the Residents – host workshops that they developed within the NDB mentorship programme! 

NDB 2020

NeverDoneBefore was born from the global pandemic. During a time of local measures of social distancing, we created a space for global proximity.

We followed the theme of the “Haute Couture Fashion Show of Facilitation” for which we invited guests of the “workshops work” podcast to present their newest, most extravagant ideas. There was only one condition: They have never done the workshop before. 

The festival programme and workshop topics were collectively designed by a global community of over 100 facilitators. 


Join the global community and start designing, growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.

Dr Myriam Hadnes

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