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Community Spaces

In the NDB Residence, we cultivate spaces for synchronous, asynchronous, and spontaneous collaboration and conversations with other Residents. These spaces are creative and ad-hoc, they emerge and evolve over the course of 2021 – and at the 24 hours festival in November. 

At the Residence, you will find a digital garden to plant idea-seeds and find collaborators to grow them. We maintain an online tool shed and are building a resource library.

Learning Experiences

 Every week, Residents are invited to join a selection of workshops, demo sessions and gatherings. We record every session and share our insights on a digital whiteboard and within the online community. At any time, you can revisit and relive your experience and choose your own pace. 

And, we are co-creating opportunities for Residents to learn with and from each other independent of the official programme. 

Growth Experiences

Facilitated (workshop) experiences for Residents who want to expand their facilitation skillset, toolset, and mindset beyond what we have always done before. 

We are building and growing opportunities to practice what we learn, within the safe space of the community.

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