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the sixmural

Thanks to our sponsors: The Six and MURAL

NDB becomes accessible to those who otherwise could not afford it!

The SIX– An Innovation and Strategy Consultancy that helps leaders and their teams get their groove on. The Six stand for diversity and inclusion and therefore help us to bring more diversity to the festival and NDB community.

MURAL– Our favourite online whiteboard tool is more than just a whiteboard! Those who have followed NDB and the workshops work podcast know how we have used MURAL in various creative ways to foster collaboration.

The Festival

Besides the workshops, the NDB Festival offers opportunities for synchronous, asynchronous, and spontaneous collaboration and conversations.

Some spaces are curated and creative, other emerge ad-hoc and evolve over the course of the 24 hours festival – maybe even beyond… 

NDB Workshops

All our workshops are uniquely designed for this occasion and are presented for the very first time at the festival.

NeverDoneBefore facilitators take the risk of testing novel concepts and new ideas instead of pushing best practices and polished methods. 

After each 90-minutes workshop, we debrief together what worked, what didn’t and what there is we can harvest for our own practice.

We record every session and share our insights  within the online community that all festival guests will join from November.

After the festival, you can revisit and relive your experience at your own pace and discuss with other community members. 

Collective Creation

The Festival is the result of a year-long co-creation process with a community of dedicated and passionate facilitators.

At the “NDB Residence”, we have experimented with neverdonebefore tools, methods and settings to curate the most innovative 24-hours in the world of facilitation. 

Click here to see the build-up towards the festival.

Dr Myriam Hadnes



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