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NeverDoneBefore 2021: Facilitators in Digital Residence

We experiment with ‘never done before’ approaches delivered by some of the world’s best facilitators to co-create a 24 hours global facilitation festival.

The Experience

A journey of co-creation

The Experience

A programme full of opportunities: Peer-learning, experimentation, co-creation, and collaboration.

24 hours worldwide

A programme culminates in a 24-hours, global online festival.

Shaped by the community

As soon as you join as Resident, you participate, shape, design and learn with and from a community of facilitators.

Facilitators in Digital Residence

Imagine a community of like-minded peers who come together not to compete, but to collaborate so that they – and the world – can benefit from their combined skills and insights. This is a celebration of the art of facilitation.  

The festival starts as soon as you join!

Join us!

NeverDoneBefore is different

Most events ask you to turn up on the day of the conference and listen. Not at NeverDoneBefore! 

The live festival takes place on November 18/ 19/ 20 – depending on your timezone 

For you, it starts as soon as you get your Resident Pass.

Once you have your pass, you are invited to join monthly workshops and gatherings to experiment, learn and collaborate. You will be part of the global community who creates a unique experience to celebrate the art of facilitation in a ‘never done before’ spirit.

A look back in time

Last year’s festival was co-created by a collective of over 100 global practitioners – Together we created a magnificent experience.

Will you be part of the 2021 Residence?

All festival sessions will be hosted by featured guests of the workshops work podcast. Below you will find the 2020 line-up. Click on their picture to listen to their episode of the podcast.  


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