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NeverDoneBefore is a community devoted to explore the edges of the art and craft of facilitation by challenging assumptions about what makes workshops work. 

Our facilitators take the risk of testing novel concepts and new ideas instead of pushing best practices and polished methods. 

In 2022, NDB follows the theme of “The Facilitators’ Greenhouse“: A year-long community programme of exploration, experimentation, learning and sharing that culminates in the 24-hours NDB Festival on November 18, 2022.

The programme emerges as a result of a year-long co-creation process. The earlier you join, the cheaper the price and the more you can contribute to the co-creation and shape the programme.  The NDB Greenhouse includes bi-weekly NDB workshops – contributed by workshops work podcast guest – as well as a mentorship programme, monthly gatherings, demo sessions … and much more that is still to emerge. 

This is what you get with your Greenhouse Pass: 


💎 Bi-weekly NDB workshops – hosted by workshops work podcast guests: For your continuous exposure to innovative facilitation methods. 

🌱 Seedling workshops for starting facilitators: For starting facilitators to grow your competence and confidence within a safe space.

🦸 The NDB Mentorship programme supported by workshops work podcast guests: For you to prepare your own NDB festival workshop.

🎡 The NDB Festival including the 🌟 Afterglow Programme 2022: The celebration of the art of facilitation for your to find inspiration and establish new connections to a world-wide community.

And a recurring community programme

🧑‍💻 A dedicated co-working space with 27/7 access to the digital community space (on Welo) for serendipitous encounters and quick access to community expertise.

💚 Bi-weekly NDB Spa Sessions – hosted by Patrick Cowden for you to connect to yourself and the community.

🏹 Monthly Feed Forward Sessions – hosted by Júlio Maria Muhorro for you to move towards your own goals – with the help of community members’ perspectives.

⏳ Monthly Slow Thinking Sessions – hosted by Jeremy Akers for you to approach questions from different perspectives in small groups of participatory reflection.

🚀  Monthly Open Space sessions for you to explore topics that need to be explored at this moment by contributing a theme for discussion. 

💡 Demo Sessions of new online collaboration tools for you to test new online collaboration tools with guidance and in a safe space.

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4x €299

Last Call from Jan 31st - Feb 15th: 499 EUR

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