Facilitation Signature Bootcamp

Find your niche, communicate your value and build a unique personal brand, in just one weekend in Amsterdam! In order to craft your pitch, you need to build a solid brand… let’s do that!

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It's time to...

  • Discover a solid, unique personal brand, based on your strengths, nature and skillset, that’s effortless to embody.

  • Develop your signature workshop blueprint so you can become renowned in your niche.

  • Design a specific menu of your services and a confident pitch to promote them.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to articulate…

Why your perfect client should work with you…

What differentiates you from other facilitators…

What your key skill/outcome objective is…

Who you want to serve with that skill…

Then this is the immersive, supportive and expansive experience for you!

Start:September 13-15, 2024
Duration: 3 days
Cost from € 1,950

Almost 1 million people use the term ‘facilitator’ on their LinkedIn profile… Let’s make you 1 in a million!

Who is this designed for?

This coveted and celebrated Bootcamp is for you if…

What can you expect from the Bootcamp?

After 12 hours of live workshops, taught via one 3-hour module per week, you will walk away with:

About this course

Trying to ‘label’ yourself in the diverse world of facilitation can feel overwhelming.

There are process facilitators, workshop facilitators, subject matter trainers, change facilitators, innovation facilitators, leadership coaches… the list goes on.

Your signature sets you apart. The Bootcamp helps you to reflect on who you are as a facilitator so that you can bring your own personality, including your edges, into your work – with confidence and competence.

The Bootcamp is a programme for those who know they deliver great work but struggle to communicate their value.

Friday Evening: You’ll not only get to know your fellow attendees but also set the stage for mutual growth. Be ready to set intentions and leave your comfort zone for the Bootcamp ahead.

Saturday: You will be immersed in a series of small group and self-reflection activities that will bring you closer to your true self with each iteration.

Discover your authentic facilitation style and design a workshop blueprint that’s uniquely yours.

Sunday: Fine-tune your personal brand through candid 1-1 feedback for the final polish. Each participant will have a turn in the limelight to present their newly-acquired clarity, sharing their facilitation signature.

Our Intention

We believe facilitation is not just a skill—it’s a life and leadership tool that can amplify the impact of your work. 

Standing out as a confident facilitator is not about an overflowing toolkit of techniques and activities. It’s about holding space, communicating with confidence and being a leader that participants can trust.

In order to be that facilitator – you need to know who you are… even if that means going to the edge of your comfort zone.

Learn in a intimate group, discover your blindspots in a safe space – and uncover your unique signature, with the help of Thomas and Myriam.

Facilitation Signature Bootcamp



Weekend Bootcamp

€ 1,750 EUR

Full Immersion

€ 2,350

The Bootcamp Faculty

Thomas Lahnthaler (aka MacGyver of Facilitation) is a master facilitator, human-centered process consultant, disruption management expert, and author.

“There will be discomfort… which is the first step in fundamental change, breakthroughs, empowerment and whatever else is waiting on the other side!

You’ll walk out with concrete ideas, the blueprint of a workshop and a pitch.”

Dr Myriam Hadnes – Facilitation Evangelist – is the host of the “workshops work” podcast and founder of the “NeverDoneBefore” community.

“I imagine this group as diamonds, as of yet unpolished. And with every day, even every hour, we polish a new side and bring them out shining!”

Words from our Alumni

Marcel Krauss
Creative Mind, System thinker, Workshopper, Facilitator, Designer for great user experiences, UXC

To me it was an intense but invaluable journey safely guided by Myriam and Thomas. It gave me more understanding and clarity about who I’am as a facilitator and what is core of my facilitation signature. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the bootcamp fellowship. 

Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
I connect large groups of people together | Facilitator | Moderator | Experience Designer

Myriam and Thomas will expertly guide you through a process that allows you to find clarity, sharpen what you already know to be true and give you the space to release yourself of your fears and take that confidently out into the world.

Cate Czerwinski
Senior workshop facilitator who brings order from chaos and unleashes your team's ability to work better, faster.

As promised, this wasn’t spoonfed to us! The design provoked pivotal questions for me about focus and viability, shaking up some assumptions that I didn’t even know I had.

All of this vulnerability and transformation made possible by the space that Myriam and Thomas created. Their investment in us and dedication to delivering the experience we needed was palpable and incredibly moving

Frequently Asked Questions

This onsite Bootcamp is designed for experienced and profile-in-need-of-a-polish  facilitators who want to better communicate their value, sign more clients and serve with confidence.

If you desire to create your signature workshop blueprint, build a personal brand that feels easy to pitch, and position yourself confidently in your niche – then the Facilitation Signature Bootcamp is for you.

Participants who purchase the “Full Immersion” package get access to two 30 minutes coaching sessions, one with Thomas and one with Myriam. This session shall happen after the bootcamp and will be scheduled bilaterally between the trainer and the participant. Coaching sessions can be scheduled until 6 weeks after the end of the course. 

We are a unique community of professionals who facilitate as part of our work. We prioritise learning in a group dynamic, as this is where most of us will work. We don’t advocate for heavy technique-based learning, instead, we teach you to find your signature and incorporate tools to suit your unique facilitation style. 

Simply check the start date works for you – and sign up for the level of support you desire!

The Bootcamp will take place in the heart of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Workshop material, food and drinks are included in the admission fee.

Are you one of us?

Join the global community and start designing,
growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.


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