Foundations of Facilitation: Amsterdam

A 2-days course for everyone who wants to learn, revisit or solidify their confidence-building foundations of facilitation in a supportive, in-person, group setting.

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It's time to...

  • Enhance your facilitation skills, no matter where you’re at in your journey or practice.

  • Deepen your facilitation practice to create farther-reaching results for your groups.

  • Build your confidence and skill to effectively lead a group – even when the going gets tough.

New and experienced trainer, facilitator, group leader: Do you find yourself…

  • Desiring to maintain better, healthier and more positive group dynamics?

  • Wishing to create a more inclusive and accessible environment that recognises power, privilege and the importance of a safe space?

  • Looking for go-to tools that’ll assist you in multiple environments, conflicts and situations, so you can always lead a group with confidence?
When?June 6 & 7, 2024
Cost from € 1,450

Who is this designed for?

Anyone who takes responsibility for leadership of group processes. Including, facilitators who want to establish or revisit the foundations of their practice, gain hands-on experience in a supportive peer group and receive real-time feedback as they brush up their skills and build inner confidence.

Whether you’ve been facilitating for a long time, or you’ve just started your journey, coming back to centre and checking in on those firm foundations is time well spent – both in terms of bolstering your self-belief and ensuring a positive experience for your clients. 

What can you expect from the course?

Benefit from 16 hours of live training, taught onsite in the heart of Amsterdam City over two days.

Your course Modules

For each module, participants will receive a reading and listening list to deepen their learnings and complement the live course.

Day 1:

Learn strategies for identifying and articulating a clear purpose, as well as developing an understanding of the potential pitfalls of not having one.

Learn to balance task orientation and group cohesion to create a rich and responsive workshop environment where everyone feels heard

Learn to work with power dynamics and leverage your position as a facilitator to support inclusive participation and decision-making.

Day 2: 

Learn two key areas of participation: Conflict & Difficult Conversations and Power & Bias – to foster a culture of participation and inclusion.

Learn how to find and embrace your authentic self when showing up in front of a group and how to manage your triggers and energy levels when things don’t go to plan.

Our Intention

We believe facilitation is not just a skill — it’s a life and leadership tool that can amplify the impact of your work. 

Learning to be a facilitator is not about learning a bunch of techniques, exercises and activities.

Our tool-agnostic approach teaches you to enable the skills you already have, leverage them for maximum impact and build upon your current toolkit with confidence-building methods.

Learn in a group setting, get accountability & support – and gain access to some of the industry’s most esteemed experts.

Foundations of Facilitation




Basic Tier

€ 1,450

€ 1,234

Full Immersion

€ 1,750

€ 1,487

The Faculty

Michelle Howard is an internationally accredited facilitator, whose skills were birthed in the fire of environmental action in the early 1980’s.

Since that time, she has worked in the arts, community development, planning, design and infrastructure across Australia. She has a reputation for working with diverse constituencies, conflict and managing complex issues of change.

Dr Myriam Hadnes – Facilitation Evangelist – is the host of the “workshops work” podcast and founder of the “NeverDoneBefore” community.

“I imagine this group as diamonds, as of yet unpolished. And with every day, even every hour, we polish a new side and bring them out shining!”

Words from our Alumni

Elske Heeren
lean design & innovation facilitator | kata coach & trainer | creative lean master black belt | developer of organizational learning capability

Michelle’s program is for rookies as well as seasoned facilitators. There’s something to learn for everyone! While participating, don’t forget to notice how she guides a wonderful session: Michelle models great facilitation with a sweet balance between decisiveness and inviting vulnerability.

Ola Olu
Experiential Facilitator

Under Michelle’s nurturing guidance, I explored my role and power as a facilitator. Through her wisdom in the incubation program, I learned to align influence and service to myself and others. I now have enhanced skills to craft an experience that is rich, responsive, inspiring, safe, relevant, and inclusive for all participants.

Vy Nguyen
World citizen / Creative Problem Solver / Facilitator / Visual Thinker / Engineer

I took part in the course given by Michelle in 2022 and 2023. The course was crafted to meet you where you are in your journey as a facilitator. Michelle took us through a structured and interactive way to reflect on our own practice while gaining insights from peers. After a year, joining the course again helped to ground the experience gained further. I highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to walk through key aspects of group facilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

This foundations course is for new or established facilitators who want to build upon their current skillset and solidify the foundations that build confidence in their practice. Perhaps you’ve taken a break from facilitation, had a change of circumstance or simply want to reconnect with your why.

Participants who purchase the “Full Immersion” package get access to a 60 minutes coaching session with either Michelle or Myriam. This session shall happen after the course and will be scheduled bilaterally between the trainer and the participant. Coaching sessions can be scheduled until 6 weeks after the end of the course. 

We are a unique community of professionals who facilitate as part of our work. We prioritise learning in a group dynamic, as this is where most of us will work. We don’t advocate for heavy technique-based learning, instead, we teach you to find your signature and incorporate tools to suit your unique facilitation style. 

Simply check the start date works for you – and sign up for the level of support you desire!

Are you one of us?

Join the global community and start designing,
growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.


Dr Myriam Hadnes

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