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Why are we here?

As a community of professionals who facilitate as part of our work, we are looking for new ways to apply our skills and expand our toolkit.

We attract those who are looking for a place where they can

  1. Receive the attention and care that they usually provide to their groups.
  2. Test raw ideas before presenting them to clients.
  3. Play with peers on eye-level.

NeverDoneBefore has become a Research & Development department for its members. For many, it is also a digital family.

NeverDoneBefore 2024

Our Vision

NDB’s purpose is to create an inclusive ecosystem for facilitators, built upon the principles of risk, respect, and generosity, while nurturing self-awareness and diversity 

Our Mission

To empower our members to offer mutual support and freely exchange their experiences and expertise to support individual and collective growth.

We challenge the status quo

NeverDoneBefore workshops often challenge the standard ways of facilitation, explore some of the edges and use metaphors to create experiences for example:

  • Can we collaborate online without speaking a word?
  • Can we deeply listen without hearing each other’s words?
  • How can we create a space to shamelessly speak about shame?

We connect, share and celebrate

Asynchronously, we connect via a community platform which allows us to continue conversations, share resources and opportunities and celebrate each others’ break through.

Our members love the chance to pose any puzzling question to the community and embrace the diversity of answers.

How do we do it?

A NeverDoneBefore workshop is interactive and participatory. The only condition to the workshop host is that they have never delivered the workshop before (‘never done before’). This challenge creates a humble environment for us to learn from each other without having a ‘teacher’ present.

Around those moments, we web a supportive system of ad-hoc synchronous and asynchronous interactions – on our community platform and our 24/7 Welo space. We empower and enable members to co-create the community they want and need by consulting them early on in the ideation phase.

Hi, I’m Myriam

My name is Dr Myriam Hadnes, I’m the founder and curator of NeverDoneBefore, a project born from the Pandemic in 2020 when everything we did felt “never done before”.

With the support of the featured guests on my podcast “workshops work” we provided a brave space for creative learning on eye-level. Together, we created an ecosystem for expert facilitators to turn the ‘never done before’ into our default.

I am breathing facilitation – the skill that leverages the power of groups and the mindset that puts collaboration over competition. I am driven by the belief that we can change the world, one workshop at a time.  

Hi, I’m Anuschka

I am the NeverDoneBefore Community Facilitator. As such, I am supporting members in finding their way around the community through the new NDB Cohort process. Additionally, I am the voice of the community when it comes to shaping the future of the community. For that, I listen, ask questions and center care, whenever interacting with community member.

Beyond that, I am a facilitator, trainer and visual practitioner who supports groups in learning through moments of shared humanity. I have a long-standing background in change and justice work with a special focus on climate justice, human rights and non-profit work.

The NDB Wisdom Circle

Behind the scenes of the everyday NeverDoneBefore business stands a group of outstanding facilitators and entrepreneurs. Most of them are workshops work podcast guest, most of them are active community members.

For a period of two years, they devote time and care to challenge the obvious and push the boundaries even further.



NDB is a project of

Words from our community

Manal Sayid
Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer.

I met facilitators from all over the world, learned from each and applied bits of the learning into my own practice. Each learning I did inspired me to be better and my thirst for knowledge was never quenched – the more I learned, the more I discovered the more there was!

Susanne Heiss
Facilitator for Change & Culture

I attended the 24 hour NeverDoneBefore festival for facilitators. And when I say “attended the 24 hour festival”, I meant being at the festival for 22.5 hours. I sneaked out for 1.5 hours to get a tiny bit of sleep in between.

Crazy? Hell yes! Amazing? You bet! Insightful? I cannot tell you how much!I am still in awe of the space that we created. So much sharing, generosity and love, so much respect and risk, so much laughter and fun.

Yona Lu
Organisation Development

Glad to share that today marks the completion of my 2021 NeverDoneBefore experience! It was an awesome journey of connecting with facilitators based around the world (Europe, Africa, Asia…) and soaking in their wisdom over the last several months. I was gifted with the experience of collaborating with the learned Martin Frederik Garbers and Janine Kreienbrink to put up our own workshop “Using Archetypes to step into your Zone-of-Genius”. 

Are you one of us?

Join the global community and start designing,
growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.

Are you one of us?

Join the global community and start designing,
growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.


Dr Myriam Hadnes

NeverDoneBefore is a project of workshops.work B.V.



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