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Why are we here?

As a community of professionals who self-identify as facilitators or, who facilitate as part of our work, we are of a special breed. We are creative and generous, we enjoy community and collaboration. 

We continuously develop ideas on how to design meaningful workshop experiences for our clients. We share generously and often long to receive.

NeverDoneBefore is a home for facilitators to receive the attention and care that they usually provide to their groups. 

NeverDoneBefore is also the space for testing raw ideas, playing with methods among peers on eye-level, being vulnerable, taking risks and leaving our comfort zone to grow beyond the beaten tracks. 

NeverDoneBefore has become an incubator or Research & Development department for its members. for many, it became a digital family. 

What do we do here?

NDB is an invitation to self-identified facilitators who are grounded in their practice to explore new methods and tools that will enrich their own work.

It is a safe place to experiment and get out of your comfort zone. Workshop contributors are encouraged to invite participants to leave theirs.

Some experiments might not work out as planned. This is also part of NDB and will allow us to reflect on a meta-level. If we “fail”, we fail forward and will face a wonderful group to reflect on the learnings.

How do we do it?

A NeverDoneBefore workshop is interactive and participatory. We acknowledge the unique opportunity of having a global group of facilitators in the same (online) space for a limited amount of time. Hence, we aim to maximise the opportunity to learn from everyone during that time.

Hi, I’m Myriam

I’ve been facilitating for over a decade, without knowing what a facilitator was. Like many, I didn’t really understand that what I was doing had a name. There was nowhere to go for hands-on advice.

To support other facilitators in their journey, I created the “workshops work” podcast as an introduction to a new expert each week.

NeverDoneBefore has become the home for these experts from around the globe to learn from each other and to push the boundaries of our craft.

Words from our community

Manal Sayid
Facilitator, Consultant and Trainer.

I met facilitators from all over the world, learned from each and applied bits of the learning into my own practice. Each learning I did inspired me to be better and my thirst for knowledge was never quenched – the more I learned, the more I discovered the more there was!

Susanne Heiss
Facilitator for Change & Culture

I attended the 24 hour NeverDoneBefore festival for facilitators. And when I say “attended the 24 hour festival”, I meant being at the festival for 22.5 hours. I sneaked out for 1.5 hours to get a tiny bit of sleep in between.

Crazy? Hell yes! Amazing? You bet! Insightful? I cannot tell you how much!I am still in awe of the space that we created. So much sharing, generosity and love, so much respect and risk, so much laughter and fun.

Chris Bent
Founder of Piccles

Myriam Hadnes had the crazy idea to make a festival for facilitators to do anything, as long as it had NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE

🎉An open invitation to try something new is a wonderful gift 🎁We learned about clowning 🤡 leadership 🤝 storytelling 📖 problem-solving 🕵️‍♂️ and dancing in front of strangers 💃Except, after just 24 hours, people didn’t feel like strangers.The workshops were challenging and at times uncomfortable, but this shared experience connected the global community 🌎🤪 So we could appreciate the weirdness in each other.


Join the global community and start designing, growing and harvesting the next facilitation crops.

Dr Myriam Hadnes
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